Cầu dao chống rò RCCBs – DX3 4P – 400 V~ AC type 411705

4-pole – 400 V~ – neutral on right-hand side
AC type
Sensitivity : 30 mA
In : 80 A
Number of modules : 4
General characteristics
RCCBs – DX³-ID – residual current circuit breakers 16 A to 100 A – AC, A, Hpi and B types
Conform to IEC 61008 – 1
Compatible with prong-type and fork type supply busbars
AC type: detect sinusoidal AC residual currents
A type: detect sinusoidal AC and pulsating DC residual currents
Hpi type (High immunity): detect AC and pulsating DC residual currents
Enhanced immunity to unwanted tripping in disturbed environments
B type: detect sinusoidal AC, pulsating DC and smooth DC residual currents
Can be equipped with DX³ signalling and remote tripping auxiliaries and motorised controls